The Johnson Resonator Guitar Company

The Johnson Resonator Guitar Company EST 1993 – providing over 3 decades of expertise in the world of metal and wood body resonator guitars.

From a combination of guitar building know-how and a lifelong passion for the instruments and their important roles in our history, in 1993 Johnson Resonators was born. Raved as a “best Chinese-made guitar in show” at the Winter NAMM in 1995 The Johnson Resonator Company hasn’t slowed down in the 30+ years since its inception. Still offering the best quality to price ratio available, these timeless instruments are configured by German luthier Günther Lutz and manufactured using the best and most price-efficient materials paired with the classic designs the world has loved since the first resonator guitars were heard singing from the west coast of the USA a hundred years ago. 

Including, but not limited to, a program of classic single and tricone models – there is also a selection of unique and sandblasted finishes available on wood or brass bodies such as Sunbursts, Antique Brass, Relic Nickel and more! For although resonator guitars’ roots come across rightfully so as being “old-timey” in nature, it is also a style of guitar-building which has only existed for the better part of a century and is always growing, improving and changing with the times.

We at The Johnson Resonator Guitar Company EST 1993 pride ourselves in being both historians for the story and tradition of such instruments as well as to be on the forefront of technology and production – bringing Johnson Resonators to another generation of guitar-pickers across the globe.